24x7 Marine Survey is a Marine Surveying and Consultancy enterprise brought to you by excellent team of Master Mariners and Marine Surveyors. Our aim is to offer a cutting-edge service in the marine industry by combining the in-depth knowledge of marine expertise with the latest technologies.

At 24×7 Marine Survey, our top priority is our clients’ benefits and satisfaction. As mentioned in our company name, we provide top-notch services round the clock and ensure excellent quality service. 24x7 Marine Survey has customize the services according to our client’s requirement. As such, our clients will enjoy a wide range of services at their convenience. With our wide presence, we strive to ease communication for our clients by having a single contact point 24x7 available.


The Port of Singapore is one of largest bunkering port and in the world. We have multiple world class standards and holds the title of being one of the busiest ports in the world. As it handles large amount of total shipping tonnages, Singapore has always been a great representative in connecting the bridge to all parts of the world. Singapore is a major ports for Marine Surveying and consultancy.

Singapore has stringent rules and regulations in place for the marine industry to ensure zero corruptions and transparency in the services provided.

With the continued support and encouragement from the government of Singapore in its journey to digitalisation, we aim to continuously upgrade ourselves in enhancing technologies to bring better services to our clients.

Therefore, 24x7 Marine Survey is headquartered in Singapore and having our offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India and China.


  •   Our aim to minimization operational cost and maximize the profit for our clients
  •   A real time reporting and feedback from inspection site to minimize the risk of error.
  •   24x7 Marine Survey Operations and surveyors team always ready for assistance round the clock/li>
  •   Single contact point for worldwide inspections and deployment of surveyor from nearest city
  •   Assured quality of surveys and desired results from our surveyor engagement at all time

“Sustainability” and “Carbon Emissions” are the main concerns in the world today. Each day, around the globe, marine industry is partially contributing to carbon emission. IMO have implemented the Sulphur cap of 0.5% since January 2020 in hope to minimize the carbon emission in the marine industry.

We at 24x7 Marine Survey are proud to be a part of International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s initiative to reduce carbon footprints and ensure continued support for cleaner and greener environment. From travelling to onsite location, to boarding the vessel and report submission, carbon is being emitted. Therefore, to reduce the carbon emission, our team works to provide a sustainable solution by deploying a local qualified surveyor and submitting electronic reports. We have also able to minimize the surveying cost drastically for our clients as well.

Our team actively engages with our clients to brainstorm alternative sustainable solutions.



Our vision is to improvise the way global marine survey operates by digitalizing to the utmost core.


Your benefit, our goal!


24×7 Marine survey on being a quality service provider persisting standards and regulations.


  •   Strictly comply with all Local & International Laws
  •   Never compromise our principles for short term advantages
  •   Neither offer nor take bribes, kickbacks or other similar remunerations to/from any person or organization in order to attract or influence business activity.
  •   Follow the course of highest integrity, truth and honesty
  •   Always report accurate statistics
  •   Never support unscrupulous behavior
  •   Ensure transparency between customer and management.
  •   Always follow honest book keeping, proposals and evaluations.
  • "Good Ethics is Good Business"

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